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Currently, 204 million emails are read per minute, generating up to 40 times more conversions than Facebook or Twitter, while the video remains the preferred content of cybernauts, with 4 thousand million views a day, a fact that is surprising in light of the 4 million searches per minute on Google.

Email marketing has not only remained current, but it has also evolved for the purposes of ensuring greater reach and better results. Video email with autoplay merges these two powerful marketing tools, allowing you to achieve amazing results with each campaign, potentially increasing your CTR (click through rate) by as much as 280% or achieving a campaign conversion rates up to 50%.

What is a video email with autoplay?

A video email with autoplay is the delivery of a video embedded in the body of the email, which automatically begins to play when the recipient opens the email. In other words, we are not talking about links or images upon which to click, but rather videos that start to play instantly from within the email itself. Our partner Local411 has made this possible.

Thanks to smart technology that generates over 20 different formats and resolutions for your video – Local411 detects in real time which device, mail client and operating system is opening your video email, then delivers the ideal format to each unique system.

Video email is creating fervour around the world. Now, Everything you need to know to create your first video email marketing campaign.

Video marketing is one of the most clever and useful tactics you can use in email marketing campaigns. It can drastically improve your marketing quality and help generate more leads. It can also get you more page views and can put your message in front of your desired consumer audience. Video makes things entertaining and engaging. Video in an email can increase the click through rate by about 50%…

Video marketing has proved itself to be a high ROI earner for marketers seeking to engage consumers looking for distractions and possessing short attention spans. So, when you execute a campaign using the ‘best of both worlds’ by implementing videos in your email marketing efforts, it can be a great idea. Consumers love videos…


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